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By Rashid Rupani | October 16, 2019
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By Valesco CrossFit | July 23, 2019
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Our most popular competition of the series – don’t miss your chance to be a part of it. New to CrossFit? Have limited to no competitive experience? Like throwing down with your fellow CrossFit buddies? Want to compete but don’t want to go it alone? Free on Sunday 18th August? If you answered yes to…


By Valesco CrossFit | July 11, 2019
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Good nutrition underpins good physical and mental health & well-being. But what does ‘good’ nutrition look like? We know it is an absolute minefield out there and how easy it is to be misled by companies selling a product and how confusing it can be when you read conflicting views about what you should and…

Front Rack Position Mobility

Front Rack Position Mobility

By Valesco CrossFit | June 10, 2019
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A good Front rack position: – High elbows: arms should be horizontal with your elbows pointing directly forwards without having to arch the back to achieve this – Bar should be able to rest on the shelf of your shoulders created the muscles on the front of the shoulders (deltoids) – Hands just outside shoulder…


Overhead Squat and Snatch mobility

By Valesco CrossFit | June 3, 2019
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Limited mobility makes moving harder and increases your risk of injury. We all know chucking heavy weight around is a shed-ton of fun but if you can’t move well you may not be throwing weights around for long without picking up niggles…or worse. Matt jumped in on a PT membership with me to help him…


Pecs and Lats

By Valesco CrossFit | March 14, 2019
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The first thing to understand about ‘tight shoulders’ is that the shoulder joint is very complex and there are lots of reasons you may feel tightness in your shoulders. Whilst your coaches are not qualified to diagnose specific issues we can provide lots of help and support with how to improve your mobility! Often tight…