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Valesco Classes

Valesco CrossFot you-just-got-more-awsome

Keen to join us? Our 6 session Fundamental course will teach you all you need to know to get started!

High energy classes making the very best of  body and lightweight movements at a fast pace. Suitable for anyone wanting to give CrossFit a go!

CrossFit Cubs is a fitness programme designed for children and teens that uses the CrossFit methodology.

This class will get you moving like a well oiled machine! Designed to get you moving well so you can move more. 

Weekly gymnastic classes for anyone wanting to master the basics or refine their existing skills.

Available all day every day to everyone.  With plenty of space and kit, members can train whenever they like.

A 45 minute lunchtime class designed so that you can get in and get it done! The class follows the same programme as the regular CrossFit Class, just shorter.

There is no doubt that CrossFit classes will get you results but if you want to work on something specific we can help with that too.

A Saturday morning class where members can team up and sweat it out together.  Always great fun, always varied and the best way to start your weekend!

This class is if those members with a good foundation of knowledge, skill and strength and a fire in their bellies for competing!

Nothing but pure Weightlifting. For those who love to lift! Dedicated weekly classes focusing purely on Olympic lifting.